Ecological Threats

A number of hazards threat the Bigal River Biological Reserve area. It is up to us to reduce their impact!

Road Projects

The road projects allow access to human invaders. The threat is real both for the BRBR and for the Sumaco National Park. These roads stop sometimes at a distance of only 3 km from the BRBR limits and enable people's access to the soon titled properties in the area known as ''8 de Diciembre'', very close to the BRBR, and therefore to the Sumaco National Park, in a wild environment never inhabited so far.

Areas devoted to cattle and crops involving extensive forest destruction

The Sumaco National Park area, rich in endemic species, is at stake because of a constant pressure from human groups willing to exploit the park's wealth (for cattle, mining, logging, or oil exploitation). Many rivers and streams, have already suffer contamination, and ground erosion is common due to unwise river system management and uncontrolled use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers (i.e. for growing ''naranjillas'').

Selective wood extraction

In the northern area of Sumaco National Park, there is evidence of extensive logging activity, regardless of protection laws. The southern part of the Park, where BRBR is located, is not immune to this type of aggression and our presence in this area is crucial.

Oil extraction

Inside the Sumaco National Park, there is evidence of the presence of at least one oil company the activities of which could seriously affect the current pristine conditions of the Park and its surroundings. In a near future, the existence of protected areas like BRBR in the vicinity's of the Park could help a great deal in keeping oil companies out.

The impact of the local communities

Illegal hunting and fishing, living wild animals trafficking, the use of chemicals or poison to fish and hunt, the killing of some wild species on account of fear and ignorance, are all common practices that need to stop as they jeopardize both biodiversity and conservation efforts.